Welcome to Community Systems Group

Your community partnership has set big goals. Your membership is growing. Your community agrees that your issues are important and require action. A dream come true for any community organizer.

Except for that nagging data problem:

  • Leaders are asking, “Is our community better off because of your partnership’s work?”  You want to believe it is true, but how can you be sure?
  • Action teams and committees are not tracking their work consistently and are unsure of how to understand their collective impact across teams.
  • How do you measure policy change, or a big media campaign?
  • Can the partnership keep up with your funder’s new evaluation requirements?

Community Systems Group has helped coalitions and partnership across the country address these issues and make the most of community data. For nearly two decades CSG has focused exclusively on evaluation for coalitions in pursuit of population-level outcomes.

We can help you meet the data challenge.

We can help you tell your story.